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    This Safari to Mt. Kenya gives the visitor the opportunity to experience all the contrasting scenery of Mt. Kenya. This safari is a beautiful blend of all our itineraries, taking advantage of the best aspects of the three main approach routes to the peak area: Naro Moru, Sirimon and Chogoria. Our safari will start from the Naro Moru River Lodge.
  • 1.

    Sirimon Gate

    Morning spent sorting and organizing personal equipment for the mountain trek. Lunch at the Lodge (this is an extra charge). In the afternoon we are driven to the Sirimon Gate where we trek to help acclimatization, hopefully you will be lucky to see some game. Night spent at the gate (2,570m).

  • 2.

    Jumaier Camp

    This day incorporates a picnic on the Mt. Kenya day hike. This is very interesting and enjoyable day spent in the depths of the forest. Night will be spent at road head, at the Judmaier Camp (3,300m).

  • 3.

    Sirimon Valley (3,940M)

    After breakfast we begin our trek up the moorland and break away from the Sirimon Track at an altitude of 3,940m, contouring into the Sirimon Valley. This is a seldom –visited area which harbours a tremendous amount of wildlife. Overnight in the Sirimon Valley, altitude 3,940m

  • 4.

    Hinde Valley

    An early start out of the Sirimon Valley and into the head of the Hinde Valley. We then cross the Nithi and Gorges Valleys. This is undoubtedly one of the most scenic areas of the mountain. With its,1,000ft. vertical cliffs, its virgin valleys and cascading waterfalls, it certainly is one of the most spectacular trekking areas in Kenya. Night at Hall Tarns (4,300m).

  • 5.

    Lake Michaelson

    Descend to Lake Michaelson, in the depth of the Gorges Valley. We will also see the incredible cave formation known as the Temple. We walk down the valley to Vivenne Falls (named after the famous author of Speak to the Earth). Return to camp in the afternoon. Overnight night at Hall Tarns (4,300m).

  • 6.

    Point Lenana (4,985M)

    Today we make our alpine ascent of the third highest peak, Pt. Lenana (4985m). Our route up the north face is little used by tourists. Four hours of stiff walking to the summit. We then descend to Teleki Valley and spend the night at our Mackinders Camp. (4,150m).

  • 7.

    MET Station

    Descend to Met. Station and return, by vehicle, to the Naro Moru River Lodge for a well-earned rest.

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