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  • On your Africa Travel...

  • Africa’s wilderness areas are often remote and isolated, far removed from its main towns and cities. Many countries, such as South Africa and Egypt, are very large, with significant distances to be covered between the various attractions. Some countries boast well developed transport networks, whereas conditions in other are a little more basic. Wherever you want to travel within East Africa, our knowledgeable consultants can advise you on your options and book them on your behalf.

  • Air Travel

  • A number of domestic airlines, as well as air charter companies operate throughout Africa. A network of scheduled and private charter flights usually connects most main cities with tourist hotspots, even in the more remote regions. Flying into game viewing areas is a good option in East Africa, where driving conditions are difficult or when guests need to cover long distances between attraction. Please bear in mind that luggage restrictions on most charter flights are 15 kg (33 lb), packed in a soft duffle bag.

  • Self Drive

  • Self-drive is a popular option in East Africa, where there is a good road network and rental cars are widely available in most large towns and cities. Driving is on the left and a valid driver's license or an international driver's permit is required. Road signs are in English and speed limits are clearly designated. While there is an extensive network of tarred roads in, driving into game reserves may require negotiating some dirt roads and a 4x4 vehicle may be recommended. Traveling distances between attractions in East Africa are often large and road conditions are poor. Self-drive is not recommended in those countries.

  • Guided Safaris

  • Guided safaris are those on which you book a place on a pre-set route or itinerary, during which you may be accompanied by other travelers. These safaris provide a safe and reliable mode of travel through Africa, particularly where conditions are poor and self-drive is not recommended. Tours are accompanied by professional guides who use their extensive knowledge and experience to your benefit. Itineraries vary from those that cover the most popular tourism destinations in a country, such to routes that cater for specific interests. The disadvantage of guided safaris is that they feature a set number of days and pre-determined routing, and you cannot choose to spend more time at a destination or vary the routing. Guided safaris also offer a specific number of seats per departure and you may find yourself traveling with other people whom you do not know.

  • Private Guided Experience

  • This mode of travel is similar to a guided safari, except that it is tailored specifically to you and your group, and does not include other travelers. You will be able to set your own itinerary and choose your own accommodations and activities while on a private guided experience. These safaris are generally very flexible, with the guide able and willing to adapt the daily plans according to your preferences. These charming Safaris Driver guides are experts with a wealth of knowledge on Africa's most popular attractions, as well as little known gems that promise to delight.

  • Boats and Cruises

  • With Africa's mighty rivers and extensive coastline, there are many boating experiences that can add to your African adventure. Try game viewing from a different perspective with riverboat cruises on one of Africa's mighty rivers or indulge in a canoeing safari that allows you to camp on the banks or island of some of Africa's best known waterways.

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